A creative content creator with a sharp pencil, way to go around with camera, photo and video editing, and is not afraid to go for it in person.


You can find my creations all over my website, but here I have collected the ones I am the proudest of.

Note: Evolving all the time --> more coming!

creator portfolio


Open data innovation competition

WOW - podcast series

Hackathon with the focus on city development and making Turku (and areas around it) more tempting and vibrant places to live. I and my partner aim to solve the problem we all face - finding information. Our specific targets are in developing a digital service that will help the tourists and citizens to find service providers (and vice versa), and to ease the life-changing situations like moving, graduating, having a baby and starting the life as a pensioner


My task is to brand and visualize the concept - so a killer presentation on the way with some of the graphs below!


Pitching on 24th November!

City under the city


Communications and Project Coordinator

The City of Turku launched a month-long campaign for the third time in order to promote daily activity and exercise. Communications + Wellbeing = my place!


I came to the house as an intern brainstormed the theme according to the honorable 100th anniversary of Finland, scheduled, budgeted, gathered the network around it, coordinated - and when another intern was a no-show I took the liberty to produce the material we needed. I did everything (with a team of course) from press releases to the actual article, media presentations and arrangements, organized (big and small) events, managed social media... you name it. I call this six months the best and the most versatile crash course in media/communications and marketing.

How it came together?

The goal was to go Finland 100 around - we did 106.

The biggest event was at Varvi square where we gathered over 500 kindergarten children to dance. I was dressed as a bunny - watch the interview with Turun Sanomat.

External links about the campaign

More coming soon...


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