VISUAL STORY TELLING with videos started in the Spring 2017 - I've learned pretty mych since then.


Pink paper mug demonstrates how much better I've gotten in planning, composing and playing with camera angles. I've also cut my editing time in half. In general I am pretty happy with the result without sound and even though some of the cuts would need softening.


My elementary school cultivated the entrepreneurial mindset before it was cool.

For me this is more of a place for cause. 


I have done my first business plan in the 9th grade, so you can imagine my disappontment when starting at the university and within humanism business was a scary thing (I want to change that!). I found my way to SparkUp on my own when it was established and from there I have found my way in Yrittäjyysyliopisto, Boost, SHIFT, Women in Tech, Mimmit koodaa, HoToMo... etc.